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Baby blanket WIP

An update on the baby blanket I’m making for a friend. All the squares are now done and joined. I used slip stitches to join the squares (and wouldn’t recommend it! Such a tedious task). I’m just finishing it off now by adding a 3cm border around the edge.


New blanket in progress

Oh crochet, how I wish I had endless hours for you! But fear not, I’ve almost finished the green and cream baby blanket (photos/post to come), and have already started on my new blanket, which I think I’ll keep for myself so I can tell my kids in years to come that yes, mummy did make that all herself. In the meantime, here’s a quick squiz at what it looks like at 16 squares. The squares are a variation of the baby blanket squares, just a bit smaller, which makes quite a cute little blankie.

16 squares done. Millions more to go!

sandra juto blanket

Alpaca granny square blanket by Sandra Juto of Sweden

I’ve just fallen in love with this crochet blanket by Sandra Juto of Sweden. This is the fifth and final of these blankets that she’s made, and you can find it for sale in her shop.

Curious to discover how the squares were made, I found Melbourne-based Tamara’s blog and her idea of what the pattern might be. So I’m using this pattern to create the cream & green baby blanket. I love it so much more than a standard granny square, and it’s a lot more interesting to crochet.