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Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf WIP

The scarf pattern isn’t all that tricky, so if you’re considering giving it a go I’d say start now. I’m working with cheap white acrylic yarn from Lincraft, but I think I’ll try it in some of my bamboo yarn later today. Bamboo is just so soft and heavy, I think it would be perfect for this. What I like about this pattern is that it can be thin or chunky, either way works.

Here’s my progress so far:



The more I crochet, the more I realise I just love white yarn. There’s just something so comforting in seeing those white stitches, isn’t there? Or is that just me? Probably 🙂

Image by ModernNeedlepoint on etsy

Image by CrochetPetCollars on etsy

Image from FuoriBorgo

Necklace by BigFrozenMelon on etsy

Necklace by DaintyCrochetByAly on etsy

Toiletpapier Sack by Country Cream

Tucson Throw by Yarn_Theory on flickr

Wristlet by Awkward on etsy

Fingerless gloves by aandboriginals

And if you think you’ve seen everything that could possibly be covered in crochet, think again:

Piano Dentelle by Joana Vasconcelos

Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

My next project will have to be this scarf that I stumbled upon. It’s the Queen Anne’s lace scarf pattern and looks divine. The pattern uses basic stitches, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go. I’m completely in love with it. In fact, I might just go start one now…

You can find the free pattern here.

Image from Torirot's Stitches blog

Image from

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

Image from

Image by Yarn_Theory on flickr

I could spend all day showing you so many more photos of this gorgeous pattern, but I won’t. If you’d like to see more, just google it.

New blanket in progress

Oh crochet, how I wish I had endless hours for you! But fear not, I’ve almost finished the green and cream baby blanket (photos/post to come), and have already started on my new blanket, which I think I’ll keep for myself so I can tell my kids in years to come that yes, mummy did make that all herself. In the meantime, here’s a quick squiz at what it looks like at 16 squares. The squares are a variation of the baby blanket squares, just a bit smaller, which makes quite a cute little blankie.

16 squares done. Millions more to go!

us/uk/aust terms

If you’re an Aussie like me, you might find yourself getting confused over different terms from different countries for yarn sizes, hook sizes, stitches, etc. This site can help you avoid too much confusion. There you’ll find a lot of definitions and conversion tables.

what not to crochet

If you haven’t already seen this site, please oh please do go visit it.

Not to put you off entirely, but you can find such lovely items there like this:

Octopus hat. Oh yes. You need one.


I’m just completely in love with the crochet work of Lucy on her blog, Attic24. Just looking through her photos of bright colourful bits and pieces makes me want to start a huge happy… something!

What I also love on her blog is the regular appearance of her yarn bag – crocheted, of course.

photos by Lucy of Attic24