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Earflaps beanies

My auntie gave my baby son a knitted earflap beanie when he was born, and I just love it. It buttons up at the bottom, which is fantastic now that he’s old enough to rip off any hat or beanie that is put on his head. I’ve decided he needs more beanies like this, so I’m on the hunt for a good crochet pattern. Here’s a few I thought I’d share from various etsy sellers:

Pattern by polkadotposh

Patterns by InnerHooker

Patterns by adrienneengar

Patterns by angelschest

Pattern by InnerHooker2

Pattern by polkadotposh

Pattern by sylver


Wrist warmers

Also known as fingerless gloves, I’m just obsessed with these at the moment. I went on a search to find one or two good patterns on the net, but came up with faaaaar too many to choose from! Here’s a selection of 27:

Find these patterns (some free, some for low cost) at:

1. timaryart

2. crazysocks830

3. PinkieJane

4. FrougesArt

5. CandacesCloset

6. tallib

7. tallib

8. tallib

9. tallib

10. PinkieJane

11. Crochet Spot

12. chrisssmith22

13. FrougesArt

14. FrougesArt

15. Green Yarn Crochet blog

16. sbpf

17. patternsalacarte

18. monpetitviolon

19. CrocheTrend

20. tallib

21. MissMotleys

22. kenshoyarns

23. FrougesArt

24. tallib

25. CrocheTrend

26. Craftster

27. whiletheyplay

baby booties on etsy

Keeping with the baby booties theme, I thought I’d share some of my favourite baby bootie pattern finds from etsy. All of these patterns are available at the seller’s stores for just a few dollars.

And of course, now that I’ve collected these, I think I’m just going to have to buy some more patterns. Which doesn’t really help me get through my list of works-in-progress…

Sporty-casual booties from Hollanddesigns

Kimono Flower booties by Hollanddesigns

Rainbow booties by AbsoluteKnits

Button booties by Mamachee

Bodie booties by Mamachee

Warm Winter booties by Mamachee

Flowers & Pearls booties by ketzi

Double strap booties by Sylver

Two strap Mary Jane booties by Sylver

monpetitviolon booties

I was taught basic crochet stitches when I was a teenager, but didn’t stick with it very long. Always had a problem with tension – I gripped the hook so tight, and just couldn’t coordinate my fingers, so my stitches were so uneven. Somehow now, as a 20-something year old, I’ve managed to get the hang of it.

It was the birth of my baby boy 8 months ago that got me back into crochet. I was searching for a pair of crochet booties on etsy when I stumbled upon monpetitviolin. Without much thought, I bought the pattern to these gorgeous booties:

I’d never followed a pattern before, so it was quite a learning experience. I re-taught myself the stitches through the wonders of the internet, and my first pair came out like this:


Not bad at my very first attempt to follow a pattern. They’re a little bit wonky, but I’m sure if I gave them another go they’d be fine.

So if you’re looking for very clear, easy-to-follow patterns for baby wear, adult accessories, clothing and more, I highly recommend you visit monpetitviolin!


How cute is this little guy? Just him alone makes me want to go out and buy this book.

Crobots book cover

Well, I’m sold. I need to get me this book.