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Car cozy

Ever needed to keep your car warm but unsure how to do it?

Photo by flickr user StartTheDay


Bearded beanies

Ok, now I’ve seen some pretty strange crochet goods, but this one takes the cake! Crochet bearded beanies, by Taraduff on etsy.

Crochet collar

Found these cute little collars on the Frankie blog today. Click on the pic to see the article:

Earflaps beanies

My auntie gave my baby son a knitted earflap beanie when he was born, and I just love it. It buttons up at the bottom, which is fantastic now that he’s old enough to rip off any hat or beanie that is put on his head. I’ve decided he needs more beanies like this, so I’m on the hunt for a good crochet pattern. Here’s a few I thought I’d share from various etsy sellers:

Pattern by polkadotposh

Patterns by InnerHooker

Patterns by adrienneengar

Patterns by angelschest

Pattern by InnerHooker2

Pattern by polkadotposh

Pattern by sylver

Wrist warmers

Also known as fingerless gloves, I’m just obsessed with these at the moment. I went on a search to find one or two good patterns on the net, but came up with faaaaar too many to choose from! Here’s a selection of 27:

Find these patterns (some free, some for low cost) at:

1. timaryart

2. crazysocks830

3. PinkieJane

4. FrougesArt

5. CandacesCloset

6. tallib

7. tallib

8. tallib

9. tallib

10. PinkieJane

11. Crochet Spot

12. chrisssmith22

13. FrougesArt

14. FrougesArt

15. Green Yarn Crochet blog

16. sbpf

17. patternsalacarte

18. monpetitviolon

19. CrocheTrend

20. tallib

21. MissMotleys

22. kenshoyarns

23. FrougesArt

24. tallib

25. CrocheTrend

26. Craftster

27. whiletheyplay


The more I crochet, the more I realise I just love white yarn. There’s just something so comforting in seeing those white stitches, isn’t there? Or is that just me? Probably 🙂

Image by ModernNeedlepoint on etsy

Image by CrochetPetCollars on etsy

Image from FuoriBorgo

Necklace by BigFrozenMelon on etsy

Necklace by DaintyCrochetByAly on etsy

Toiletpapier Sack by Country Cream

Tucson Throw by Yarn_Theory on flickr

Wristlet by Awkward on etsy

Fingerless gloves by aandboriginals

And if you think you’ve seen everything that could possibly be covered in crochet, think again:

Piano Dentelle by Joana Vasconcelos

Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

My next project will have to be this scarf that I stumbled upon. It’s the Queen Anne’s lace scarf pattern and looks divine. The pattern uses basic stitches, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go. I’m completely in love with it. In fact, I might just go start one now…

You can find the free pattern here.

Image from Torirot's Stitches blog

Image from

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

From etsy listing by mkcarroll

Image from

Image by Yarn_Theory on flickr

I could spend all day showing you so many more photos of this gorgeous pattern, but I won’t. If you’d like to see more, just google it.